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Builders and Visionaries.

Our Mission

Value-oriented Venture Investment

We focus on the fundamental value of business opportunities while positioning ourselves in high growth sectors such as AI, Digital Infrastructure, Healthcare Tech, Blockchain and Clean Tech. This approach reduces principal losses while retaining outsized upside potential. 

Our Culture

Drive, Curiosity and Resourcefulness

We build our tight-knit team with individuals that demonstrate an insatiable drive for excellence, a curious mind that treats unknowns as opportunities to learn and a resourceful personality that seeks solutions for every problem.

We Focus on Transformative Industries 

We are builders and visionaries in these high growth sectors: AI, Digital Infrastructure, Healthcare Tech, Blockchain and Clean Tech.

Our Team 

Jerry Tang_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jerry Tang

Founding Partner

Joe Lavorgna_edited_edited.jpg

Joe Lavorgna

Economic Advisor

Taras Kulyk_edited_edited.jpg

Taras Kulyk

Blockchain Advisor

Matt Feast_edited_edited.jpg

Matt Feast

Chief Financial Officer

Peng Liu_edited.jpg

Peng Liu

Real Estate Advisor

Amanda Kiler_edited.jpg

Amanda Klier

Business Management

Keith Siilat_edited.jpg

Keith Siilat

Technology Advisor

John Jiang_edited.jpg

John Jiang

Chief Scientist

Patrick Guerriero_edited.jpg

Patrick Guerriero

Blockchain Advisor

Gradient Background

Our Select Investments

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Our Partners

Connecting Dots

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